Specialists in marine terminal design

LWI (Lanier Wallingford International) is a specialist marine consultancy delivering effective and cost-efficient solutions for the energy industry.

LWI, strategic alliance between HR Wallingford and Lanier & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc, has undertaken the design of many complex marine infrastructure projects.

We have the in-house expertise to deal with all aspects of critical marine infrastructure projects. Our full service approach brings benefits at all phases of a project:
  • initial site selection
  • preFEED and FEED
  • submission of EPC documents
  • support during EPC project phases.

We help our clients with issues related to

  • port and terminal planning
  • breakwaters and shore protection
  • dredging and reclamation
  • ship handling and channel design
  • mooring systems
  • marine facilities design.


Who we are

LWI (Lanier Wallingford International) is a strategic alliance for the Energy sector between HR Wallingford Ltd (UK) and Lanier & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc (USA).

LWI blends the world-class marine structural engineering expertise of Lanier with the internationally renowned design capabilities of HR Wallingford (UK). With this expanded capability we can more effectively tackle larger and more complex projects than would otherwise have been possible by each partner independently. We can thus offer a full package of services in support of the Energy industry.

Lanier & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc
Lanier & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc is a US based multi-disciplined engineering firm that specializes in marine terminal design for clients with bulk and liquid cargo. Established in 1974, its principal clients over the years have been the major US oil and chemical companies and liquid and bulk terminaling companies, as well as Port Authorities.

HR Wallingford
HR Wallingford Ltd is an independent company based in the UK that carries out research and consultancy in civil and environmental engineering and hydraulics worldwide. Established in 1947, it has delivered innovative solutions to complex development problems ever since. Through its work on projects in over 60 countries and 6 continents, HR Wallingford has gained a well deserved international reputation for scientific and engineering excellence in water related areas.

Areas of expertise

LWI works worldwide in support of project developments in the following areas:

LNG/GTL/Gas Processing

LWI works in LNG/GTL/Gas Processing


LWI works on oil and gas projects

Industrial and chemicals

LWI works with industrial and chemical plants

Power and water

LWI works in water and energy

Oil refining

LWI works with oil refining industries and plants



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